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On-Site Rates
1 hour private: $40
1 hour group: $30
Training ride: $30
30 days training: $400
Trailer-in fee: $10

Taylor Faccio Lessons and Training
Taft Hill Acres is very excited to have Taylor based here at the farm! Taylor is a successful three day event rider who grew up competing in the northeast.  She has ridden and trained with many Olympic level riders and produced a number of horses through the preliminary level in eventing.  Her passion is working with young horses and teaching both horse and rider to be safe and confident.  She is a skilled teacher and proven trainer offering lessons, training, and sales. Taylor welcomes all levels of horses and riders into her program. A fabulous range of beginner to advanced lesson horses available!
Off-Site Rates
1 hour private: $60
1 hour group: $50
Training ride: $40

*additional travel fees may apply

Fun, friendly instruction for the competitive rider or the backyard warrior! 

Contact Taylor for more information and availability